A közlekedésépítési szakterület mérnöki és tudományos folyóirata. ISSN: 2064-0919
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9. évfolyam
2021 július

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A közúti infrastruktúra megőrzésének, fenntartásának és felújításának meglévő és újszerű meghatározásai, gyakorlata és jövőképe

Existing and Emerging Highway Infrastructure Preservation, Maintenance, and Renewal Definitions, Practices, and Scenarios (2020)

Szerző(k): J. Mallela, S. Sadasivam, R. Giordano, H. Kassoff, S. Lockwood

WSP USA Inc., Transportation Research Board USA

Link: https://www.nap.edu/download/25795

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Appendices to NCHRP Report 750, Volume 7: Preservation, Maintenance, and Renewal of Highway Infrastructure: Existing PMR Definitions, Emerging PMR Practice Summaries, Responsiveness of Emerging Long-Range Emerging PMR Practices to Scenario Elements, Discipline Specific Narratives. Appendices to NCHRP Report 750, Volume 7, Part B, Practitioner’s Guide to Emerging Highway Preservation, Maintenance, and Renewal Practices: Long List of Emerging PMR Practices. Emerging and Innovative PMR Practice Database, Emerging PMR Practice and Innovation Capability Maturity Framework Assessment Illustrative Example, Innovation Required Actions Framework (IRAF) Illustrative Example.


Felületi bevonatok felhasználása a burkolat élettartamának növelésére – esettanulmány

Use of Surface Treatments to Extend Pavement Life: A Case Study on US 301, Sussex County, Virginia

Szerző(k): H. Nair, D.S. Lane, K.K. McGhee

Virginia Transportation Research Council USA

Link: http://www.virginiadot.org/vtrc/main/online_reports/pdf/20-R26.pdf

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Typical maintenance activities by the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) for existing asphalt pavements involving a periodic placement of a 1.5-in to 2-in layer of asphalt concrete are becoming increasingly costly. When applied at the right time, pavement preservation treatments can restore a smooth, safe driving surface while saving money on future rehabilitation costs. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the performance of three preventive maintenance treatments applied to US 301 in Sussex County, Virginia, to extend pavement life. This report documents the installation of a cape seal application of FiberMat (i.e., FiberMat with microsurfacing on top) over an existing asphalt pavement. FiberMat is designed to act as a crack-resistant membrane and incorporates two applications of polymer-modified asphalt emulsion with a layer of fiberglass strands between them. The study also included a performance comparison with more conventional VDOT surface treatment options: regular cape seal (chip seal with microsurfacing), and microsurfacing without a chip seal.


Közösségi közlekedési útvonalak elérhetőségének értékelése az ikervárosi (Minneapolis – Saint Paul) agglomerációban

Accessibility Evaluation of Transitways in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Region

Szerző(k): A. Owen, K. Carlson

University of Minnesota USA

Link: http://www.cts.umn.edu/Publications/ResearchReports/reportdetail.html?id=2906

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This report presents the results of a transit accessibility analysis for five transitway scenarios within the Metropolitan Council’s jurisdiction. The details of the bus rapid transit (BRT) corridors selected for this study can be found in the Arterial Transitway Corridors Study report. Census block level access to jobs are evaluated in two stages. The first stage compares the May 2019 transit network with the funded transit network including the C Line, Orange Line, and Green Line Extension. The second stage uses the funded network as the new baseline for comparison with three prospective BRT routes including the D Line, B Line, and E Line. The accessibility change between each scenario is interpreted as the number of additional jobs a worker can reach when the selected BRT alternative is included in the transit network compared to the baseline accessibility level for the same travel duration. The remainder of this report will refer to each network scenario as the May 2019 baseline, funded baseline, and prospective network.


Teljesítmény és adat alapú közlekedési döntéshozatal – konferencia

Conference on Performance and Data in Transportation Decision Making

Szerző(k): Transportation Research Board USA

Link: http://onlinepubs.trb.org/onlinepubs/circulars/ec263.pdf

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The conference is organized into four tracks covering major topic areas including: multimodal planning; performance and data; programming and prioritization; and communications and stakeholder engagement.


Az utak visszaépítésének teljesítménye Virginia államban

How’s That Diet Working: Performance of Virginia Road Diets

Szerző(k): P.B. Ohlms, L.E. Dougald, H.E. MacKnight

Virginia Transportation Research Council USA

Link: http://www.virginiadot.org/vtrc/main/online_reports/pdf/20-R19.pdf

Terjedelem: 101 oldal


In 2018, the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) initiated this study to improve its understanding of past road diets in Virginia. Of interest were how road diets have been analyzed, how their performance has been quantified, how other states and localities have optimized their practices relating to road diets (e.g., public participation processes), and which Virginia localities—including those that maintain their own roads—have recently implemented road diets. In addition, VDOT’s Transportation and Mobility Planning Division (TMPD) requested an analysis of recently completed road diets on VDOT maintained roadways in Fairfax County, Virginia, to determine their effectiveness in order to provide planners with data that could be useful in public participation processes across Virginia. The purpose of this study was (1) to compile an inventory of road diets completed in Virginia since 2010, and (2) to analyze a selection of road diets completed in Fairfax County in the last 5 years to determine if they are working as intended. The scope was limited to lane-removal projects (i.e., road diets), excluding lane-narrowing projects (i.e., lane diets). Safety analyses (e.g., crash analyses) were outside the scope of the study but could be included in future efforts.


Fenntartható okos parkolás menedzsment összekapcsolt és önvezető járművek részére

Sustainable smart-parking management for connected and autonomous vehicles

Szerző(k): S. Kharrazi, Y. Atif

Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI), University of Skövde, Sweden

Link: http://vti.diva-portal.org/smash/get/diva2:1414892/FULLTEXT01.pdf

Terjedelem: 32 oldal


This report addresses the parking-seeking problem and suggests a smart parking algorithm that can guide vehicles to the best parking lot in a parking area, minimizing travel time and maximizing chances of finding an available spot. The developed algorithm exploits data available from connected and smart parking and road infrastructure, using an optimization algorithm based on a multicriteria decision-making process. The project was financed by Vinnova and was a collaboration between VTI, University of Skövde, Stockholm City, Stockholm Parking and Kista Science City.


Dinamikus tengelyterhelés mérési adatok felhasználása burkolatokon, hidakon, ellenőrzési és teherforgalmi logisztikai alkalmazásokban

Use of Weigh-in-Motion Data for Pavement, Bridge, Weight Enforcement, and Freight Logistics Applications

Szerző(k): D. Hazlett, N. Jiang, L. Loftus-Otway

The University of Texas at Austin USA

Link: https://www.nap.edu/download/25793

Terjedelem: 51 oldal


The objective of this synthesis is to document how transportation agencies use weigh-in-motion (WIM) data for asset design and management, weight enforcement, and freight logistics. The study identifies the use of WIM data as a tool to support decision making. Information was gathered through a literature review, a survey of departments of transportation (DOTs), and interviews with selected agencies for case examples. The synthesis also documents impediments to using WIM data as a tool, knowledge gaps, and the research areas with the most potential to address those knowledge gaps. The survey request was sent to all 50 state DOTs in the United States, 6 Canadian provincial DOTs, and the New York City DOT (NYCDOT). The U.S. state DOT response rate was 90%, with 45 of the 50 DOTs responding. The survey asked about equipment, calibration, quality control, uses of WIM data (encompassing both standard and innovative applications), identification of WIM data users, and impediments to the use of WIM data.


15. Nemzetközi Konferencia az idősek és a fogyatékossággal élők mobilitásáról és közlekedéséről

15. International Conference on Mobility and Transport for Older Adults and People with Disabilities

Szerző(k): Transportation Research Board USA

Link: http://onlinepubs.trb.org/onlinepubs/circulars/ec262.pdf

Terjedelem: 166 oldal


TRANSED is the International Conference on Mobility and Transport for Older Adults and People with Disabilities. Held approximately every 3 years, TRANSED conferences are milestone events in the field of accessible transportation. They attract researchers, policymakers, transportation operators, consumers, and other specialists from around the world to share innovations and best practices to make transportation and mobility accessible to everyone. This e-circular includes background information about previous TRANSED conferences and a brief description of the conference itself. The remainder of the e-circular includes 13 of the conference papers which were selected based on their high overall review score and whose authors agreed to complete an edit, if requested, in the English language. For all of the peer reviewed papers, reviewers were asked to consider the quality of the content, applicability of the research or practice, and pertinence to the conference themes and topics. These papers represent a sample of current research and practice in the field of accessible transportation for older adults and people with disabilities.


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